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Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

One page summary of Arrow's values and vision.

Detailed map of where we are going and compass to direct us there. Lays out broad strategy that all employees agree upon.

Vision – Define what we want to do

  • Be premier US-based third party marketing firm that represents equity managers (often in capacity constrained asset classes) calling on US institutional investors

  • Maintain stellar reputation based on repeated successes.

Values – Establish what is most important about vision, principles & beliefs (in priority order)

  • Reputation and caliber of people (for Arrow and its clients)

  • Significant impact from limited # of client relationships (for Arrow and its clients)

  • Technology and outsourcing for efficiency and profitability

  • Commitment to grow and adapt

  • Quality of life and flexible work environment

Methods – Outline actions & steps everyone needs to take to get the job done

  • Stay active in industry and cultivate network of relationships

  • Maintain relentless focus on ideal clients and top investor prospects

  • Develop repeatable sales processes and procedures; measure them with reports

  • Leverage outsource service providers and automate where we can

Obstacles - Identify challenges, problems & issues to overcome to achieve the vision

  • Inability to find institutional ready managers that share mutual vision

  • Too focused; lack of diversification = missed opportunities

  • Regulatory changes

  • “Rest on laurels”; someone builds better mousetrap; accept status quo

  • Methods too “ad hoc”; unwilling to adopt new systems, practices, technology

  • Manager underperformance leads to decrease in revenues

Measures – Actual result we aim to achieve, often this is a numerical outcome

  • Increase recurring revenue per year per person

  • Deeper relationships with key consultants and investors

  • Shorten time to close strategy to less than three years

  • Improve automation and quantitative processes

Download the PDF below:

Visions and Values
Download PDF • 216KB


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