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Manager Selection Criteria

Are you a fit? Learn more about what we look for in a manager below.

What We Look For In A New Manager

When Arrow Partners considers working with an investment manager, we require three criteria to be in place at the outset:

  • The effort must be both dedicated and professional.

  • Our agreement must contain consistent principles, including clearly defined goals and expectations.

  • The investment manager must make a realistic financial and resource commitment.

Image by Robbie Noble

What We Ask

Of Our Managers

Necessary elements of success include:

  • Submission of accurate, regularly updated qualitative and quantitative data, as well as compliance disclosure. 

  • Timely review and thoughtful analysis of marketing materials and sales plans.

  • Broad accessibility for sales/marketing meetings and conferences.

  • Prompt response to information requests.

Learn More About How We Partner


Working Together

"Our most successful partnerships are those in which we act as a partner, not a vendor."

- Ken Rogers, Principal

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