An Emphasis On Partnership

Partnership is not just what we do, it's in our name and it's who we are. When you engage with Arrow Partners, you are engaging in a true, value-add partnership that thrives on collaboration. 


The development and positioning of the manager's differentiating characteristics, targeted contact lists, library of responses to cover areas of concern for institutional investors and industry databases.



Active outreach and the scheduling of investment team calls and meetings; active participation in sales meetings, follow up and finals presentations.

Sales & Marketing Support

The creation & distribution of all marketing & sales materials, completion of RFPs and questionnaires, maintenance of industry data, access to industry databases, news, investment analytics and peer information.  


The adjustment of the marketing plan in response to current events and shifting market conditions, management of proprietary CRM system with detailed sales tracking reports and analytics


Frequently asked questions

How do you source new managers?

Over the years, we've used a variety of methods to source new managers. Initially, we sourced through referrals, word of mouth, existing managers, other third party marketers, or personal networks within the industry. The vast majority of our successful partnerships have come through our network of industry contacts and referrals from current and former clients.

Do you work with single product firms or multi-product firms?

Arrow Partners has found that our best results are achieved when our managers focus on single strategies. We believe successful partnerships occur when managers focus on what has made them successful and their core competencies.

How long is a typical contract?

In our 30+ years of experience, we have found that 3-5 years is usually necessary to fine-tune the manager's story, meet and educate the marketplace about the manager's value proposition and track record, and develop the sales pipeline to achieve our goals.

Do you require exclusive assignments?

Exclusivity is important to effectively execute a methodical sales and marketing program that generates the necessary momentum within a channel and leads to sustainable activity and asset growth. In either case, what’s needed is time: time to enhance the story, time to develop appropriate materials and tools, and time to position the firm in the marketplace. Exclusivity provides the commitment we both need to successfully execute our time-tested and successful strategy. In addition, we are equally committed to our partnership and will not represent competing strategies during the course of our engagement.

How are you compensated?

As sales professionals, we are accustomed to incentive compensation. Arrow Partners is confident in our ability to continue successfully growing assets on behalf of our clients. A compensation agreement that weighs heavily on performance metrics fittingly ties our success to yours.

How many managers do you work with at a time?

Currently, Arrow Partners' optimal roster size is 2-4 clients. This concentration enables us to remain focused and committed to the goals of each manager, while still providing us with strategy diversification. We tend to focus on capacity-constrained asset classes and will not take on any competing strategies that may conflict with one another.

Do you work with emerging managers?

Our emerging manager clients have been among our most successful stories to date. Emerging managers tend to be smaller, more focused, and in the greatest need of our particular expertise, so they’ve been a natural source of opportunity. We like managers who have strong institutional characteristics but are not well-known or remain beneath the industry’s radar. We shy away from working with more established managers, or managers that are in need of re-branding.

Do you play an active role in the industry?

We are a founding member of the Third Party Marketing Association, and we continue to play an active role in the investment industry, we never stop networking, advocating and deepening our relationship base. We maintain day-to-day interactions with consultants, investors, managers, and other 3PM firms.