What We Look For in a New Manager Client

When Arrow Partners considers working with an investment manager, we require three criteria to be in place at the outset:

  • The effort must be both dedicated and professional;
  • Our agreement must contain consistent principles, including clearly defined goals and expectations; and
  • The investment manager must make a realistic financial and resource commitment.

When Arrow Partners considers a new engagement, we use a highly selective screening process.

For us, a firm that simply says it wants more assets is not enough. There has to be a desire to grow and enhance every facet of the business. It demonstrates commitment to the process, and we demand it.

Arrow Partners is not merely a hired gun. While we are technically a contractor that provides the sales and marketing services for investment management firms, the one thing that cannot be outsourced is accountability.

As such, five critical issues exist that must be resolved before any business relationship can go forward:

  1.  Agreement over the contract duration (e.g. - time horizon for the effort, product capacity, renewal options, etc.);
  2. Scope of the agreement (e.g.- rights and responsibilities, accountability, goals, expectations);
  3. Sales and marketing support service and activities;
  4. Level of the manager’s financial commitment; and
  5. Sales accountability

What we ask of our clients

Some of what we ask of our clients includes:

  • Submission of accurate, regularly updated qualitative and quantitative data, as well as compliance disclosures;
  • Timely review and thoughtful analysis of marketing materials and sales plans;
  • Broad accessibility for sales/marketing meetings and conferences;
  • Prompt response to information requests;
  • Participation in sales meetings and client service

Both Arrow Partners and its clients must share accountability for a successful effort.

Arrow Partners has stringent criteria for selecting new managers with whom we would like to work.

Why? In a word: experience.

Since we founded Arrow Partners in 1995, we have had our share of ups and downs. Lucky for us, we’ve seen more ups than downs. The key has always been to document our successes and failures in order to make the good even better, and avoid the bad altogether.