Arrow Partners has very clear criteria when selecting managers with whom we would like to work. Arrow Partners believes the key to a strong relationship is maintaining a consistent program of frequent, direct, value-added communication among all parties.

How we spend our time

Once we have agreed to terms with a new client, Arrow Partners breaks its work into three phases:

Phase I - Foundation

For the first few months, Arrow Partners lays the groundwork for the marketing and sales campaign to follow. We establish roles and responsibilities between us and the investment manager.

Some of our tasks include:

  • develop the full suite of sales and marketing materials, as well as the firm’s “story”
  • assemble targeted contact lists
  • build a library of responses and resources to cover every conceivable area of concern for institutional investors
  • select industry databases for population

Phase II – Launch 

Over the next several months, Arrow Partners will initiate the marketing plan by:

  • fine tuning the marketing presentation and firm narrative
  • scheduling initial sales meetings
  • maintaining the industry databases
  • completing RFIs and RFPs
  • coaching our clients on the presentation skills needed to tell the firm’s story and describe its value proposition and investment process in the most compelling ways possible

Phase III – Cultivating the Leads

For the balance of the engagement, Arrow Partners will:

  • continue actively marketing the firm’s products
  • adjust the marketing plan in response to current events and shifting market conditions
  • maintain databases
  • follow up with potential clients and schedule meetings
  • participate in final sales presentations

• • • • •