What is Third Party Marketing?

Think “manufacturer’s representative” – a person with specialized industry or product experience, with deep roots in a given industry, hired by a manufacturer to sell its goods.

Third party marketing is a cost-effective way to benefit from a full-time, professional sales effort while controlling fixed costs.

Rather than investing scarce resources in a dedicated internal sales force, and all the expenses that go along with it, many firms have chosen to outsource their business’ sales and marketing functions to firms such as Arrow Partners.

Differentiation is vital.

Because the vast majority of equity managers live somewhere in the same style box, it can be tough to differentiate one firm from the dozens, if not hundreds, of others investing with the same style and discipline.

For new and emerging managers with little name recognition, the challenge is especially difficult.

Third party marketing firms:

  • Hone the firm’s “story;”

  • Develop a marketing plan and develop sales and marketing materials;

  • Initiate and execute the plan; and

  • Convert opportunities to assets

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